Day Eleven

Today’s post begins with a tribute to President George W. Bush.

“Sorry is a sorry word after all I’ve done for you
Sorry is a sorry word when I need a love that’s true”

-“Sorry is a Sorry Word”, The Temptations (1967)

With one change, the exchange of a preposition, “for” to “to”.

President Bush, I ask that you accept my apology. Today, I watched Hardball and they compared your policy to enter Iraq as similar to That Dude™’s. I responded WTF. Yesterday, I watched your daugter, Jenna, highlight an organization attempting to improve an impoverished community. I thought, “Damn, is that the same Jenna Bush?”. You said at the end of your presidency that history would judge its merits, and given you or Kanye, I’m picking you this time. What the hell was I thinking about Kanye?

Again, I ask the supporters of That Dude™ to explain themselves. As I was composing this post, I get a notification that the acting AG was fired for upholding the Constitution. I see his press secretary scared shitless because the truth doesn’t come easily from his mouth. I see a racist (yes; own it) advisor play out sinister and perverse fantasies of world domination. All of which is going to fuck us up.

I think back to the good old days when making fun of your malapropisms was a highlight. “Can you believe he said that? What an idiot!”

I was wrong, W., as many more were. You certainly had your share of issues, but under these circumstances, I miss you.


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