Day Nine

So, supporters of that dude said things like, “Give him a chance.” Like Michael Jackson sang, “When I had you to myself, I didn’t want you around/Oh baby, give me one more chance”.

Is this the chance they envisioned? If so, they owe it to the rest of us to be honest, and own up to their acquiescence of gross racism and economic greed.

Certain folks were apoplectic about President Obama’s issuance of executive orders, but have no issues with the pace at which that dude has issued them. Certainly and constitutionally, the chief executive has that authority and must use it when necessary for the betterment (betterment), of the nation.

A quick glance at this, though, would lead most to conclude that that dude is a devious mofo. Again, real folks aren’t surprised a bit. After all, we didn’t vote for him. However, some Johnson and Stein supporters also need to own up. After all, despite doing what he said he would do, that dude is still a liar.

As a said in another post, God made the world in six days. That dude destroyed it in seven.

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