Day Seventeen (Super Bowl in America edition)

I have numerous conflicts with the musical inspiration for this post, but since the number is fewer than ThatDude™’s business conflicts, oh well.

Those post-Reagan, early Bush years were so significant to many of our generation. Like the music of the 1960s, many artists surveyed the state of the nation, and in looking at its promise and failings, decided to respond in song. In Broward County, Florida, an unapologetically vulgar act called the 2 Live Crew, released an album titled, As Nasty as They Wanna Be. Despite the obvious content of the album based on its title, the album was deemed legally obscene. Uncle Luke, Chris Wong-Won, Brother Marquis, and Mr. Mixx were tried for the offense and beat the rap. In the aftermath, the pro-First Amendment track was born.

ThatDude™ is not about freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, or freedom to petition. In short, he’s against any freedoms that impede on his desire to profit financially. Since, I should be watching the Super Bowl (or not), I’ll end this one here.

2 Live Crew, “Banned in the U.S.A.”, (Luke Records, 1990)

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