Day Thirteen (not so lucky)

I’m taking a break from working on my taxes to write this. Unlike ThatDude™, I recognize the necessity of a reasonable system of taxation. After all, ThatDude™ is a liar.

I digress. I was told earlier of ThatDude™’s shoutout to Frederick Douglass. After almost spitting out my wine, a I thought “We’re screwed!” You already knew that, though. Otherwise, you’d be out holding signs riddled with spelling, usage, and grammatical errors. #betsydevos

Another thought came to mind, though. I figured ThatDude™ lacks a significant cultural knowledge. My friends in education would warn me not to look at this student, ThatDude™, using a cultural-deficit model. I’d argue to them, though, that he was the model for the mode.

Anyway, here’s a live rendition from a concert tour for which my dear wife bought tickets. I know one of my crew, in particular, will dig this.

Stevie Wonder, “Black Man” (1976)

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