Day Thirty

Trying to keep up with the antics of ThatDude™ is exhausting.

Near twenty years back, Chuck D. spit “False media, we don’t need it do we?
/It’s fake that’s what it be to ya, dig me?”.

The other day, ThatDude™ went straight K.A. Conman™ crazy at a press conference,  stating “The leaks are absolutely real. The news is fake because so much of the news is fake. Over the course of time I’ll make mistakes and you’ll write badly and I’m OK with that. I’m not OK when it’s fake.”

So like the wife, ThatDude™ is a plagarizer.

I’d rather talk old-school hip-hop, though.

From an album Rolling Stone ranked #48 of the top 500 most influential albums of all time in 2003, the album is almost universally revered for its lyricism, production, and social commentary. Chuck, Flavor, and Terminator X are sorely missed, in these days of Kanye’s and L’il this or that’s idiocy.

On this Saturday morning, I’m feeling old and grouchy, so all these fools need to #stayoffmylawn.

“Don’t Believe the Hype”, Public Enemy (Def Jam, 1988)





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