Day Twenty-One

Like ThatDude™, I’ve been busy this past week. Unlike ThatDude™, I’ve been working to make America great again.

In reflection, I though back on some of the crazier quotes of this week, and found myself here. After wasting precious brain cells, I felt compelled to react to the “See you in court” quote. Many of us would love to see that, followed by a “lock him up” sort of thing. As it is, we have to deal with more racist and stupid Cabinet members. I’m talking about you, Jeff Secessionist and Betsy “Avoid the Noid” Devoid. When I head about ThatDude™’s thoughts that “even a bad high school student would rule in my favor”, the Devoid nomination became even more clear. I refuse to stand by and allow stupidity and lies control my country. And so, I offer this track as a source of meditation.

“The Truth”, Handsome Boy Modeling School (Tommy Boy, 1999)

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